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Draved Skov, Denmark


This small protected forest amidst fields and pastures was spared from clearing because much of it grows on wet soils and cultivation would have been very difficult1. The forest is not untouched; nevertheless parts of the forest are approx. 200 years old 2. Already in 1920, old near-natural forests in Draved Skov were noted and some areas were taken out of forestry1.

The most important tree species are Opens internal link in current windowFagus sylvatica (European beech) and Opens internal link in current windowQuercus robur (pedunculate oak). Tree species diversity is low and most species are easy to identify. Annual precipitation is 860 mm and average annual temperature 8°C. There are numerous small roads in the forest





2       Draved Skov. Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, Vandreture i Statsskovene nr. 61.


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Quercus robur (pedunculate oak) - Fagus sylvatica (European beech, with smooth bark) forest.
Ilex aquifolium (European holly) understory.
Quercus robur (pedunculate oak). The vine on the trunk is Hedera helix (common ivy).
Some tree species of Draved Skov.