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Snowy River National Park , Victoria, Australia - Rodger River valley

The Rodger River valley, located in the wilderness zone (445 km 2 ) of Snowy River National Park (987 km 2 ), remains in an essentially unmodified state. The tree flora is rich for the latitude. The forests are dominated by numerous Eucalyptus species. Their identification is laborious: the diversity is high and differences between species are small, leaves in particular often being similar. For positive identification fruits and floral buds are essential. At least wooden fruits capsules can almost always be found on the forest floor. Other trees are much easier to identify.

Annual precipitation is approx . 1000 mm.

Dispersed camping is allowed. Walking off-trail is easy in well developed forest on relatively level terrain but there are also steep slopes and on drier slopes the vegetation is more shrubby.

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Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) grove, elev. 220 m. Acacia dealbata (silver wattle), bottom left.
Allocasuarina littoralis (black sheoak, dark crown) at Rodger River. Elev. 170 m.
Rodger River. Elev. 170 m. Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum) on the bank. Behind it Eucalyptus muelleriana (yellow stringybark) - Eucalyptus angophoroides (apple-topped box) forest. Above T. laurina also Acacia dealbata (silver wattle), yellowish with old flowers.
Rodger River. Elev. 170 m. Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum) on the bank, topped by Eucalyptus muelleriana (yellow stringybark), left, and two Eucalyptus cypellocarpa (mountain grey gum). Distant background Eucalyptus spp. forest.
Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum) leaves.
Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum) stand at Rodger River. Elev. 170 m.
Foliage of Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum) and Lomatia myricoides (river lomatia, with very narrow leaves) at Rodger River. Elev. 170 m.
Foliage of Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum), left and right, Acacia floribunda (gossamer wattle), centre, and Lomatia myricoides (river lomatia), bottom centre, at Rodger River. Elev. 170 m.
Group of Leptospermum lanigerum (woolly tea-tree) trunks, centre. Also one Acacia melanoxylon (Australian blackwood, dark trunk), and Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum), right. Elev. 170 m.
43-metre Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum). Elev. 220 m.
Eucalyptus pseudoglobulus (Gippsland blue gum).
Eucalyptus angophoroides (apple-topped box) at 180 m. Also Eucalyptus muelleriana (yellow stringybark, with pale trunk).
Hemiparasitic Exocarpos cupressiformis (cherry ballart), centre. Elev. 180 m.
Notelaea venosa (veined mock-olive) at 170 m, backed by shrub-like Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum), with Eucalyptus muelleriana (yellow stringybark) in background.
Pittosporum undulatum (sweet pittosporum) in Eucalyptus macrorhyncha (red stringybark) forest at 300 m.
Elaeocarpus reticulatus (blueberry ash) at 220 m.
Pomaderris aspera (hazel pomaderris).
Some trees of the valley.