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Monkhouse Timber Reserve , Queensland, Australia

Although this area is not a national park, it is a part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Site. Thus, its forests are protected. It is adjacent to Opens internal link in current window Daintree and Cedar Bay national parks. Some parts of the Reserve have been logged before the creation of the world heritage site but a great deal has wilderness qualities. Extended hikes are possible in this area.

For more about Queensland’s tropical rainforests, see Opens internal link in current window Daintree National Park .

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Sloanea langii (white carabeen), right; Elaeocarpus sp., left background with pale trunk; Licuala ramsayi (fan palm), extreme left foreground and centre background.
Backhousia bancroftii (Johnstone River hardwood), the pale trunk, centre; Syzygium monimioides (satinash), other trunks.
Musgravea stenostachya (grey silky oak), the pale trunk, right; Acacia celsa (hickory wattle), reddish trunk next left; Xanthostemon chrysanthus (golden penda), big dark trunk with foot in water behind big triangular stone.
Syzygium monimioides (satinash), bending over the creek from the left; Xanthostemon chrysanthus (golden penda), bending over the creek from the right.
River bank with Archontophoenix alexandrae (Alexandra palm), background, with leaf in foreground; also Xanthostemon chrysanthus (golden penda), trunk leaning left.
River bank with Linospadix minor (walking stick palm), left; Neorites kevedianus (fishtail silky oak), right; Backhousia bancroftii (Johnstone River hardwood), extreme right.
Franciscodendron laurifolium (cabbage crowsfoot); also Bubbia semecarpoides (Australian pepper tree), the small tree, centre foreground; Backhousia bancroftii (Johnstone River hardwood), the pale trunk, left; leaves of Licuala ramsayi (fan palm), extreme top right.
Planchonella euphlebia (hickory boxwood).
Backhousia bancroftii (Johnstone River hardwood), centre and bottom right; also Syzygium monimioides (satinash), left; leaves of Normanbya normanbyi (black palm), top left.
Normanbya normanbyi (black palm).
Cyathea rebeccae , tree ferns.