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Stužica Virgin Forest, 2005


Australian etelänpyökkimetsät (Southern beech forests in Australia, in Finnish), 2008:


European Records in Finland, 2011


The Sgerm Spruce - the tallest native European tree?, 2012


Biogradska Gora – two new broadleaf tree height records, 2012


Crna Poda - a new height record for European black pine, 2012


The world’s most biomass-dense forests, 2013


New height record for European native broadleaf trees, 2013


Araucaria hunsteinii, Papua New Guinea, 2013


Exotenwald, June 2013


Quetico Provincial Park, 2013


Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, 2013


Canary Island pine – the tallest pine of Europe… or Africa, 2013


First laser-measurements in Macaronesian laurisilva, 2013


Europe vs. the eastern US – comparing tree heights, 2014


Tree diversity comparison over the northern temperate world, 2014


Extending tree diversity comparison to Southern Hemisphere, 2015


Dobroč Primeval Forest – new record for European silver fir, 2015