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Database of the protected areas of the world

World Heritage List


Biosphere Reserves Directory

Intact Forest Landscapes – map of the forested wildernesses of the world

Global Forest Watch – e.g. maps of intact forest landscapes, forest loss, protected areas etc.

Descriptions of the Ecoregions, with dominant tree taxa

Biodiversity Hotspots

Searchable database of all known tree species

Tree distribution maps

100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species

Angiosperm Phylogeny Website

Plant phylogeny down to the family level; updated continuously; includes gymnosperms and ferns

GRIN Taxonomy for plants

Conifers of the World

The Gymnosperm Database

Oak ( Quercus ) Name Checklist

Oaks ( Quercus ) of the world

Magnolia Society International

Palm identification and classification

Global map of forest height

junglecraft – preparation for hikes in tropical rainforest

North America

Flora of North America; some families missing

Silvics of North America – information on North American tree species

Information on North American tree species

North American tree species range maps

North American species range maps, species richness maps , climate maps etc.

Species lists for selected North American protected areas

Canada :

Canada ’s Species – range maps and other information

Forest distribution maps of Canada

Flora of British Columbia

Register of big and tall trees in British Columbia

Maps of intact boreal forests of Ontario

United States :

Ecology of trees and forests of Washington

Native Tree Society

Native Tree Society BBS

The old-growth forests of the eastern USA by state

Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States

South America

Flora of Chile

Flora of Argentina (in Spanish)


Database for European plants

European tree species range maps

Listings of the tallest and biggest trees in Europe


Map of potential natural vegetation of Germany

Oaks from Białowieża Forest (Poland)

Primeval forest reserves of Slovakia

List of the main protected virgin forests in Romania

Old forests of the Mediterranean basin (in French)

Mediterranean mountain forests (in Italian)

European Champion Tree Forum


Tree species lists of Russia


Flora of China

Malaysian Flora Database

Blog on Malaysian rainforests

Interactive key to the trees of Borneo

Distribution Maps of Vascular Plants in Hokkaido, Japan


Australian Plant Census – taxonomic database for Australian plants

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants – identification system

Flora of New South Wales

Flora of Victoria

Tallest and largest trees of Victoria

Tasmanian vascular plant census

Register of the tallest and biggest trees of Tasmania

Tallest and largest trees of Tasmania

New Zealand Plants