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Evercreech Forest Reserve, Tasmania, Australia

This small (0.5 km 2 ) reserve is remarkable because the tallest Opens internal link in current window Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) individual, 91.0-metre White Knight, grows here 1 . There are also some large Opens internal link in current window E. obliqua (messmate stringybark). The park consists of a valley bottom and the adjacent eastern slope. In drier eastern Tasmania, big trees are confined to valley bottoms. Vegetation immediately changes a few metres from the valley bottom. Higher, the forest is mainly composed of the above mentioned species, but the trees are much smaller. Tree species diversity is relatively low and tree identification fairly easy.

There is a loop trail running along the valley bottom and the slope. On the slope, off-trail walking is quite easy, too. The reserve is rather remote, and you have to drive long gravel roads to reach it. There is no public transport.



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Tall Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) trees can be seen in the valley bottom. The white tree in the center is one of the tallest, the brownish tree next right is the tallest, White Knight. The reserve ends beyond these big trees, with Eucalyptus plantation in the background.
Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) - Eucalyptus obliqua (messmate stringybark) forest on the slope. Elev. 400 m.
White Knight, the tallest and largest Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum).
Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum).
Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) bark at the point where rough bark turns to gum bark.
Eucalyptus obliqua (messmate stringybark).
Some trees of the reserve.