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Yosemite National Park, California, USA

One of the best known and most photographed landscapes on earth is located in this large (3081 km 2 ) park: Yosemite Valley photographed from its western end, the hemisphere-shaped Half Dome looming in the east. From the bordering mountains, the valley looks like it is covered by primeval forest, but closer inspection reveals that it is more like a theme park with roads, masses of people and non-natural meadows. However, other parts of the national park include large forested wildernesses, e.g. tall Opens internal link in current window Abies magnifica (red fir) forests almost in their natural condition. Some of the largest known specimens of many tree species have been found in the park: A. magnifica , Opens internal link in current window A. lowiana (California white fir), Opens internal link in current window Pinus lambertiana (sugar pine) and Opens internal link in current window P. jeffreyi (Jeffrey pine) 1 .

Camping outside the designated sites is allowed in most of the park. Additionally, free camping is usually allowed in the wilderness areas around the park.

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Abies magnifica (red fir) forest.
Evening scene from the southern rim of Yosemite Valley to the north.