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Acer platanoides (Norway maple, Sapindaceae)



Some broadleaf trees of Biogradska Gora National Park, Montenegro.
Some tree species of Hainich National Park, Germany.
Background: Pinus nigra (European black pine). Durmitor National Park, Montenegro.
Some tree species of Crna Poda, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro.
Two Acer species in the foreground: A. platanoides (left) and A. campestre (field maple). Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve, Georgia.
Foreground (south-facing slope): A. platanoides (extreme left), Abies alba (European silver fir, left and centre), Fagus sylvatica (European beech, left), Pinus peuce (Macedonian pine, right) and Betula pendula (silver birch, right). Background (north-facing slope) mostly Picea abies (Norway spruce), A. alba and B. pendula. Rila Monastery Forest Reserve, Bulgaria.
Some canopy tree and understory (bottom) species at upper elevations of Mtirala National Park, Georgia.
Some tree species of Dzhendema Strict Nature Reserve, Bulgaria.
Some tree species of Boky National Nature Reserve, Slovakia.