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Prunus avium (wild cherry, Rosaceae)

P. avium , foreground right, with horizontal stripes. Quercus robur (pedunculate oak), large tree. Carpinus betulus (European hornbeam), other trees. Prašnik Special Reserve , Croatia.
Also Fraxinus excelsior (European ash, large trees with fissured bark), Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore maple, right centre) and Fagus sylvatica (European beech, smooth grey bark). Hainich National Park , Germany.
Pinus nigra (European black pine), background. Durmitor National Park , Montenegro.
Pinus nigra (European black pine), large trees; P. avium , right centre, with horisontal stripes; Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore maple), left; Fagus sylvatica (European beech), other smaller trees. Durmitor National Park , Montenegro.
Some tree species of Crna Poda, Durmitor National Park , Montenegro.
Bases of P. avium and Abies alba (European silver fir), left, on shore of Biogradsko Jezero, Biogradska Gora National Park , Montenegro.
Some broadleaf trees of Biogradska Gora National Park , Montenegro.
P. avium . Carpinus orientalis (oriental hornbeam) foliage (foreground). Borjomi Strict Nature Reserve , Georgia.
Some tree species at lower elevations of Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve , Georgia.