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Tilia platyphyllos (large-leaved linden, Malvaceae)



T. platyphyllos (foreground), Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore maple, background centre right), Fagus sylvatica (European beech, big tree background right and young trees). Fauler Ort Nature Reserve, Germany.
Fagus sylvatica (European beech, right and young trees), Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore maple, centre), T. platyphyllos (background left). Fauler Ort Nature Reserve, Germany.
T. platyphyllos in Fagus sylvatica (European beech) forest. Hainich National Park, Germany.
Some tree species of Hainich National Park, Germany.
T. platyphyllos, height 39 cm. Fagus sylvatica (European beech, right). Biogradska Gora National Park, Montenegro, at 1100 m.
Some broadleaf trees of Biogradska Gora National Park, Montenegro.